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Want to put your agreement onto paper but don’t know how to say it? Want to protect yourself but unsure what could go wrong? 

Solid contracts are the lifeblood of a business’ operations and any business transaction. As a result, a business’s success or failure often depends in a very direct way upon the proper handling of contractual relationships. Precise and skillfully drafted, the right contract will serve to solidify your position whether with employees, vendors or financial institutions. The Gerber Law Firm,  has extensive experience to provide your business contractual needs in negotiation, drafting and review of a range of contracts and business agreements all to protect your business’s interests, solidify its position and insulate itself from liabilities due to contract ambiguities.


Here is a representative sample of some of the recent agreements drafted by The Gerber Law Firm:


  • Joint Venture Agreements

  • Partnership Agreements

  • Shareholder Agreements

  • Buy/Sell Agreements

  • Bank Finance and Loan Agreements

  • Commercial Leases

  • Confidentiality Agreements

  • Construction Contracts

  • Employment and Consulting Contracts

  • Management Agreements

  • Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreements

  • Operating Agreements

  • Real Estate Contracts

  • Sales Contracts

  • Service Contracts


The Gerber Law Firm can also provide a due diligence review of your existing legal contracts to ensure your business’ interests are protected.


The Gerber Law Firm provides an upfront no-nonsense assessment of a client’s case, and works with individuals and businesses to obtain the best end result in light of the facts, the law, and the client’s stated objectives. By maintaining this focus, The Gerber Law Firm provides its clients with efficient and effective legal representation. When the legal matter you or your business is facing is important, make sure you have an experienced contract lawyer who has the time to discuss your situation with you, explain your options, and represent you. When it matters most, contact The Gerber Law Firm.

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