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Have you been accused of a crime? Have you been accused of embezzlement? Is the City claiming you violated a statue or code?

The Gerber Law Firm, understands first-hand the devastating affect an indictment can have on a person, their family and livelihood. The cornerstone of The Gerber Law Firm defense in any criminal defense matter is an immediate, broad-based approach, to effectively lesson a client’s criminal exposure in the hopes of obtaining the best possible result. The Gerber Law Firm has represented Houston citizens from all walks of life in the following matters:


  • Assault

  • Burglary

  • Complex Business Crimes

  • Criminal Appeals

  • Criminal Investigations & Indictments

  • Drug Cases

  • Drug Distribution

  • DUI & DWI

  • Expungements

  • Felony and Major Criminal Offenses

  • Grand Jury Investigations

  • Misdemeanors and Minor Criminal Offenses

  • Robbery

  • Theft

  • Traffic Violations

  • White Collar Crimes


When you are facing a criminal investigation, time is of the essence. Any prolonged delay can hinder your defense or ability to obtain a positive outcome. If you find yourself confronted with a criminal matter, make sure you have an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has the time to discuss your situation with you, explain your options, and best represent you. The Gerber Law Firm provides an upfront no-nonsense assessment of a client’s criminal exposure, and works effectively and swiftly to obtain the best end result. By maintaining this focus, The Gerber Law Firm provides its clients with efficient and effective legal representation. When it matters most, contact The Gerber Law Firm.

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