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Want to purchase a piece of property? Are you looking to lease or rent a space? Call us- we can guide you through the process.

The Gerber Law Firm,  has extensive experience representing a diverse set of Houston-based real estate clients, including, buyers, sellers, property managers, landlords and tenants, in all aspects of real estate development, transactions and litigation. The Gerber Law Firm provides clear, practical advice to help its clients achieve their business goals. In any matter, whether a simple lease renewal or tenant eviction to a complex mega-development proposal, The Gerber Law Firm meets its client’s objectives as efficiently and effectively as possible.


The Gerber Law Firm is cognizant of the fact that no matter the best intentions of parties to a real estate transaction, disputes do arise. The Gerber Law Firm is well-equipped to assist its real estate clients in all types of litigation disputes involving real estate. The Gerber Law Firm regularly handles a myriad of real estate disputes, including, landlord/tenant disputes, issues related to rights of first refusal, easement and boundary disputes, ownership disputes and claims for specific performance.

The Gerber Law Firm routinely assists our clients regarding the following real estate areas:


  • Acquisitions and dispositions

  • Acquisition of Multi-Family Properties

  • Commercial Contracts

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Condominiums and Homeowners Association formation

  • Deeds

  • Development

  • Drafting and Reviewing Lease Documents

  • Drafting and Amendment of Declarations, By-Laws and Rules and Regulations

  • Evictions

  • Foreclosures and Collections

  • Homeowners Association Law

  • Landlord/Tenant Law

  • Leasing

  • Liens

  • Negotiating Commercial Leases

  • Property Management and Leasing

  • Purchase and Sale Contracts

  • Real Estate Dispute Resolution

  • Residential Real Estate

  • Taxes

  • Zoning


The Gerber Law Firm provides an upfront, no-nonsense assessment of a client’s case, and works with individuals and businesses to obtain the best end result in light of the facts, the law, and the client’s stated objectives. By maintaining this focus, The Gerber Law Firm provides its clients with efficient and effective legal representation.

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