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Is your family protected in the event of your incapacitation or death?

Deciding who to leave your estate to after your death or assigning a guardian to take care of minor children is one of the most important legal documents you’ll ever draft and sign. While it isn’t necessary to have an attorney draw up your will, it is recommended to make sure the will is prepared and signed in accordance with the laws in the state of Texas.


Depending on the complexity of the estate, The Gerber Law Firm can help ensure that the transfer of property described in the will minimizes the survivor’s tax liability. In addition, a complicated estate may require documents other than a will, such as a trust agreement, to ensure that all of a person’s wishes are carried out.


If someone dies without a will and has not adequately planned for the distribution of their assets at death, survivors can face a complicated, time-consuming, and costly process. Often survivors wind up paying more taxes on their inheritance than they would have paid had there been a will. To provide for surviving friends and relatives, or to support favorite causes or charities, a person must plan for the distribution of his or her estate after death. With planning, an estate can be distributed as fairly as possible with as little tax burden as legally allowed.


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